IOB Thermometer


A wearable thermometer with mobile app, make it easier to manage children’s fever.
IOB Thermometer can measure, record and transfer human body temperature to iPhone/iPad, Android devices.

  • Slim Design
  • 7/24 Monitoring
  • Precisely Measurement
  • Automatic Reminding/Alert
  • Longer Battery Life

  • Wireless

Bluetooth & 2.4G connection.

  • Continuity

Continuously monitor body temperature, including changes and trends.

  • Alert setting

Generates alert promptly if the body’s temperature goes over a preset limit.

  • Event/Medicine Reminder

Set timed reminders for when medication must be taken. You can also set up SMS or email notification.

  • Accuracy

±0.01 ºC

  • Storage & Cloud Service

Data upload, download, and cloud storage.

To get the Apps of IOB Thermometer:

Scan QR Code for Android Software

apk File 1.3 MB

Scan QR Code for ios  Software

Please visit the following link or search ThermoCare+ in apple store.

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