IOB Forced-Air Warming System

About Forced-Air Warming

        Learn about the overwhelming evidence supporting forced-air warming’s safety and efficacy, including 170+ studies and 60+ randomized controlled trials documenting its clinical benefits.

Product Brochure:

Inservice Video

IOB Warming Unit Specification
IOB Warming Unit-specification.pdf
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IOB Warming Unit&Blanket
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Through this inservice video, get a full comprehension about IOB Force-Air Warming system.

IOB Warming Unit

IOB Warming Unit


1. Advanced interface with 4 one-touch temperature selections (Ambient, 32°C, 38°C, 43°C) displayed on large digital readout to meet all therapy needs;

2. Hose-end temperature sensing ensures accurate air temperature delivery

3. Small size frees up more usable workspace

4. Light weight makes transport and set-up a breeze

5. No noise. The quiet Warming Unit can be placed conveniently under the operating table, head or foot end.



Safety first:

1. Built-in hour meter makes it easy to monitor usage for preventative maintenance;

2. Over/under temperature and disconnect audible and visual alarms ensure safety;

3. High efficiency 0.2 micron air filter reduces airborne particulate and ensures clean air delivery.

IOB Warming Blankets

We offer all kinds of blanket styles for all your warming needs.

Underbody Warming Blankets

                 Model-006                                      Model-009                                       Model-011                                       Model-005                                     Model-010

Intraoperative Warming Blankets

                Model-002                                       Model-001                                  Model-003                                   Model-008

Pediatric Warming Blankets

                  Model-009                                   Model-007                                    Model-014                                   Model-005                                     Model-012

Post Operative Warming Blankets

                    Model-004                                  Model-007

Other Warming Blankets

                  Model-015                                       Model-016

Research and Reference

Ten reasons to warm every surgical patient
Ten reasons to warm every surgical patie
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Facts About Forced-Air Warming
Facts About Forced-Air Warming.pdf
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Adobe Acrobat Document 96.7 KB
Study Confirms Forced-Air Warming Safety
Study Confirms Forced-Air Warming Safety
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Do Forced-Air Warming Blankets Increase Surgical Site Infections
Do Forced-Air Warming Blankets Increase
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