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PE Film

Warming Blanket Technology

Unique Breathable Construction

Our warming blankets and suits feature a unique breathable construction that provides even temperature and increased warmth. IOB blankets and suits have a multi-laminate breathable top layer consisting of spunbond and meltblown fabrics. This complimented by a two ply impermeable bottom layer of spunbond fabric and PE film.

Importance of
Maintaining Patient Normothermia

The maintenance of a normal core body temperature, normothermia, is a crucial component of patient safety.


Practice Guidelines for maintaining normothermia during perioperative and Postanesthetic Care recommend the use of forced-air warming devices for normalizing patient temperature and reducing shivering. Forced-air warming is associated with reduced time in recovery and improves patient comfort and satisfaction.

Core temperatures outside the normal range pose a risk in all patients undergoing surgery and have been associated with increased risk of surgical complications, including:

Increase Rate of SSIs

Increased Mortality

Increased Surgical Blood Loss

Extended Recovery Time

Forced-Air Warming

  • The Air warming method is the most efficient way to treat hyperthermia.

  • Ordinary cotton blankets / circulating water blankets cannot effectively maintain the patient's body temperature.

  • It is recommended to maintain the body temperature of patients during operations.

  • The benefit far outweighs the risk and the recommendation should be performed or administered.


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IOB Innovation

The Flexibility to Operate

In addition to providing optimal patient thermal management, our systems and products accel in the operating room, with strategic body access and multiple warm air inlet locations to suit your equipment setup.

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